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Urology Clinic


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Services offered:

  • General Urology for men, women and children
  • Men’s Health Clinic together with ICLDC
    • Diagnostics and treatment of erection problems and loss of libido (sexual desire)
    • Fertility problems in men (reduced semen quality, etc.)
    • Hormonal problems
  • Male Urology
    • Prostate problems (enlargement, inflammation, cancer, etc.)
    • Infectious diseases of the urinary tract (all kinds of urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts, etc.)
  • Specialized Pediatric Urology (urinary incontinence, bedwetting, etc.)
    • Congenital disorders of kidney, ureter, bladder, testicle and penis
    • Reconstruction of the urinary tract
    • Circumcision
    • Orchiopexy
    • Congenital hernia
  • Specialized Female Urology (urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, etc.)
  • Neurourology (urology for neurological disorders affecting the bladder control)
  • Urological Oncology (cancer care) including
    • Bladder cancer
    • Kidney cancer
    • Prostate cancer
    • Testis cancer
  • Diagnostics:
    • Urine flow studies (including pelvic floor EMG for children and adults)
    • Urodynamic studies
    • Urological imaging
    • CT (including 3D reconstruction of the urinary tract) and MRI (including the latest urological features for diagnostics of prostate cancer, etc.)
    • Ultrasonography and Doppler Sonography (for evaluation of erectile problems)


  • Targeted ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostate
  • Endourology for stone disease (kidney, ureter and bladder
  • Laser treatment of stones
  • Endoscopic diagnostics of prostate, bladder, ureter and kidney as well as urethral diseases with latest world-class technologies (small flexible instruments, etc.)
  • Prostate surgery
  • Surgery for urethral stricture
  • Surgery of bladder tumor
  • Varicocele surgery (standard technique or minimal invasive injection technique without the need of general anesthesia)
  • Vasectomy
  • Scrotal surgery (hyrocelectomy, spermatocele excision etc.)
  • Pediatric urologic surgery (orchidopexy, congenital hernia, reconstructive urology)