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Urinary tract infection should not be neglected!

We know that UTI is a disease that affects many people, both men, and women, but women are more likely to get it, which is very painful and causes some discomfort, especially during the defecating, the urinary tract infection can cause more serious diseases that extend to kidney failure. So, it should not be underestimated […]

Do you feel a slowdown in the movement of the baby?

Do you know that the slowing of baby movement may be a result of the rupture of the amino sac and loss of amino fluid?! This will lead to losing nutrition and oxygen, soif you feel a leak of fluids in addition to the decline of baby movement, you should see a doctor immediately! To […]

Your Child Breath Freely!

Do you know that children’s throat is tight? They may develop shortness of breath if they have laryngitis. Book your appointment now at our ENT Clinic. In Medical Park Consultants, be assured of your child’s health! To book an appointment, please call 023048888#MedicalParkConsultants #ENT #Throat #Laryngitis #Children_Health #MPC